PABSA launches Ronnie O’Sullivan’s The Rocket Method™

PABSA launches Ronnie O’Sullivan’s The Rocket Method™

PABSA announces partnership with and launches Ronnie O’Sullivan’s The Rocket Method™

September 2, 2023.

San Jose, California, USA (September 2, 2023) – Pan-American Billiards and Snooker Association (PABSA, is extremely pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with and the launch of The Rocket Method™, a snooker coaching series created by Ronnie O’Sullivan. This launch was announced to all players, officials and attendees at the US Nationals tournament held at San Gabriel, California, USA.

The Rocket Method is the world’s best online snooker course, taught by the world’s most successful snooker player. It encompasses a 12-episode series which would be available for online streaming for signed-up customers. The series is going to be launched on October 9, 2023 and the production and filming of it are progressing well. The series will be compered by Alan McManus.

On launching the partnership, Ajeya Prabhakar, President of PABSA, commented: “PABSA is delighted to be able to bring Ronnie’s brilliant mindset on snooker to the Americas region where Snooker is picking up rapidly. This will allow us to promote the game further by motivating players to pick up their cues and develop their skills on the green baize.”

Since PABSA is a non-profit organization, we rely on funding to be able to run our operations and accomplish our vision to rapidly promote the game of Snooker in the Americas (North and South American continents, including major snooker playing countries of Brazil, Canada and United States). This partnership will allow us to achieve both promoting the game and of funding for our initiatives.

To sign up for the course series, please visit and use the special code PABSA to avail a discount on the program.

PABSA is a non-profit organization with the charter to foster and promote the games of Billiards and Snooker in the Americas region, constituted by countries in the North and South American continents. The organization acts as the Americas Governing Body, and is responsible to conduct and promote PANAM Championships in Snooker and Billiards.

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