Q Tour Americas


PABSA is pleased to partner with WPBSA, and be hosting WPBSA affiliated Q Tour in the Americas region starting in 2024.

WPBSA and PABSA announced the formation of Q Tour Americas in October 2023, and PABSA held 2 legs of Q Tour Americas in early 2024, the winners of which participated in the final playoffs held at Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina during March 13-15, 2024.

Here are the respective announcements kicking off Q Tour Americas:

WPBSA Announcement

PABSA Announcement

Q Tour Americas is open to players born in, or resident in the Pan American region for a minimum of six months.

The expanded WPBSA Q Tour Global culminates in a 24-player playoff with three places on the professional World Snooker Tour to be won from the start of the 2024/25 season. The playoff will feature a minimum of 16 players from the UK/Europe rankings, who will now be joined by up to eight international qualifiers which will now include two players from the Americas region.