After the Pan American Billiards and Snooker Association launched its initiative #WeCueAsOne, which is aimed at supporting equality, inclusion and diversity in cue sports in the PABSA region, PABSA would now like to introduce its next stage of the this initiative.

Introducing the ‘Find a Club’ section of the PABSA website. There is now a comprehensive and growing list of clubs and places to play snooker and billiards in the Pan American region available on the PABSA website. To support equality, inclusion and diversity within cue sports in the PABSA region, this list of places available for players and fans to play and participate in cue sports will help with growth, knowledge and engagement of cue sports. Whether you are new to snooker and billiards, looking to make a comeback to cue sports or whether you want to grow your knowledge of the game please take a look a this list for your nearest place to visit.

With our growing association the ‘Find a Club’ list of places to play and interact with cue sports will continue to grow in the future to offer opportunities to players and fans in the Pan American region. If you know of any clubs or venues which offer access to at least one 12ft snooker table, then please email Thank you for your continued support.

Here are the list of clubs in each of our member countries: